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Author Guidelines

I want resources offered for sale by resorces4drama to be well-written, well-presented, practical and good value. Everything in these guidelines is included to achieve this.

Any format of resource is accepted if it can be e-mailed. You must consider which format best suits your resource.

Customers are entitled to resources free of factual errors, spelling mistakes or overall poor quality. Please ensure that your submitted work is not rejected because of any of these.

Your resource must not infringe anyone’s copyright – it must be yours to sell because you created it. You cannot copy and paste from the internet – words and/or pictures – and claim it as your own work. Internet content is usually as copyrighted as a printed book.

There are many sources for copyright-free pictures on the internet. Microsoft Office’s Clipart is one.

Word Documents

Word documents are probably the most common format for written work. A Word document can be edited (changed) by its recipient. If you wish to produce a document which cannot be altered by its recipient – for example, you do not want your lovingly-honed full-scale musical to be re-written by a less-competent wordsmith who will then present it as their own to their line manager – you may wish to convert it to a PDF document. A PDF document – usually viewed by using Adobe Acrobat – looks the same as a Word document, but cannot be changed. Converting to PDF means that what you send to a purchaser is exactly what they will see. If you have used typefaces (fonts) or formatting which the purchaser does not have installed on their computer, converting your work prior to selling it ensures that they will not receive meaningless mumbo-jumbo. Unless that’s what you wrote in the first place! If you would like your work converted to a PDF document, we can do this for you for a small fee (deducted from future earnings).
All resources submitted in Word must have, at the foot of every page, the author name and this website address.

To do this, click “View” at the top of your screen, click “Header and Footer” and this bar will appear.

Click this button to toggle between the header and the footer,


and insert the following text into the space at the foot of the page:

                           © Your Name                     downloaded from

This will ensure that your name appears on the resource when it is printed out, as will its origin.

Many documents are placed in ring binders; it is always a good idea to have a slightly wider left margin than right.

Longer documents might benefit from having the pages numbered in the top right hand corner (accessed from the same toolbar as above – Insert AutoText).

Try to “balance” the page if using text and pictures.


There are several versions of PowerPoint in use. Schools do not always have the most up to date version, and older versions cannot always accurately play presentations created in newer versions. So, text which moves on the PowerPoint you created may not move on the purchaser’s screen if they are using an older version. This is not a problem; a simple free download called PowerPoint Viewer enables any PowerPoint to play on any computer. It is available from . A link to this is on the r4d website, so there is no need to worry about the version you use.

PowerPoints work well if they have a limited amount of text (40 – 60 words per slide max.) and are supported by notes for the teacher. These can be inserted under the slide for the teacher to see beforehand and/or print off, but are not seen by students. Notes could include background information, explanations, website addresses and so on. There could be more information “under” the slide than there is on it!


In this view


insert notes here

by clicking on

this button

On the first slide only, please include the same information as when submitting Word Documents.


                                    Your Name        downloaded from

If your PowerPoint has sound effects, music or video in it, please ensure that this is embedded in the PowerPoint, otherwise your recipient may not be able to see/ hear it. Here is a link to more advice.
Test your PowerPoint before sending it to us by running it on a different computer to the one which created it.
It is often a good idea to start and finish your PowerPoint with a blank page so that is ready to play / has just finished playing but is not displaying anything on the screen.

Music / Voice

Music or voice tracks you have created are best submitted in MP3 format, with each track labelled Track Name / Author. A voice track might be a 15 minute talk on Tudor Theatre or a radio play. Please ensure highest quality for MP3 tracks.

Publisher Documents

I hate Publisher. I think it’s the little lorry that does it.

File Sizes

There is no limit on file sizes.

Proof Reading
I proof read everything.

Rejecting work

Your work might be rejected for several reasons:

* It may not be up to the standard that r4d wants to maintain (re-write it)
* It may contain factual errors (correct them)
* It may contain spelling / grammatical errors (correct them or ask us to)
* It is too similar to something already on the website or about to be placed on there (monitor the other resource(s) and see if it / they disappear!)
* It is plagiarised (hang your head in shame)

Writing to Order

There is a facility on the website for teachers to request items. Someone might put a request in for a PowerPoint on stage makeup. Such requests will be circulated amongst existing authors.

Co-written Resources

Resources written by more than one person are very welcome, but I can only communicate with one of the authors. So, if Tom, Dick and Harry write a script, they need to decide whether Tom or Dick or Harry will submit it to me and receive the money every six months – to share with the others, of course. All three of them would be credited as authors on the resource, on the site and in the biog.

Totally up to you. Really. I know what I would pay for a Drama Word Search. It wouldn’t be £11.99. There again, I’d expect to pay more than £5 for a 2 hour musical with backing tracks. Be realistic. If you get the price wrong – in either direction - remember you can change it twice during any 12-month period. Low-priced items may well be bought as “stocking-fillers” as there is a minimum spend of £5 per transaction on the website. It’s better to have 100 downloads at 75p than 3 at £10. Not just because of the money, but also because every purchaser will be looking out for your next resource if they liked this one.

Any more questions?

Look at the FAQ on the site or e-mail me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

© Clive Hulme